I ,Vinay Bisen real estate agents/consultants with focus on sale, purchase of property, property investments, property advises, real estate solutions, property management in & around Nagpur. We continually strive to achieve high levels of customer service along with a complete marketing strategy.
I am stated the business & having been agents in this area since 2000. I am a specialist approach to marketing and selling properties with unique features. In this ever changing
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Selling Of Property

A specialist approach to marketing and selling properties with unique features. In this ever changing market and internet based property searching, there is real demand for an agency like us! We are proactive estate agents with 10 years experience selling Properties in this area, identifying the best traditional media along with web based advertising to find the right buyer at the optimum price. 

During the last 1 decades the property market has moved in distinct cycles, and we have all experienced the highs and the lows. We have now entered a new phase where our in depth knowledge providing more effective marketing and higher levels of customer service.

Our high levels of customer service and vendor contact will keep you fully informed at all times. Our business relationship provides you with ultimate confidence in achieving the best price for your Properties.

Local Expertise

Local expertise means that we can provide valuable information for buyers and sellers alike. As our client, we will investigate all the relevant information so that we can accurately assess the potential salability of your properties. We won’t just look at recent property sales, we consider competition from similar properties currently on the market, road and rail links, school catchment areas, planning applications in the vicinity, and your particular requirements.

For a buyer, our local knowledge provides valuable information in assisting in the choice of area as well as the property. I am local in Nagpur and passionate about our area. We will rapidly gain the trust of a buyer so that they can accept our advice and recommendations.

Purchase/Buying Of Property

While Purchasing a property, You should more careful than selling one. There might be possible of investment in the wrong kind of property or property without authentic papers. We do the due diligence of the property and then, hand over the papers of the property with our reports to you for you to get them checked BY YOUR LAWYERS (if need be).

We cover a wide selection of property throughout Nagpur and nearest to Nagpur.
Simply enter your budget and an area you want to live in and we will do the rest.
Our property search will give a brief overview of the properties matching your requirements.

Once you have contacted or registered with us, I am your personal property consultant assist in every way possible with your property search. We will personally accompany you on every viewing and offer you priority status for new instructions to the market.

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We have some great opportunities for our clients to invest and earn, as well as see their property value appreciate to give better value to the every single penny of their hard earned money.  

NON RESIDENT INDIANS (NRIs) CAN ALSO AVAIL OF THIS SERVICE. Investments on the prime retail space fetch you yearly returns to the tune of 8.25% to 10% and at times even 12%. The investment is to be made at the right time and choice of the property has to be right.

We help in identifying the right places and the right people to invest with and sign the legally correct documents. After understanding from the clients the extent of the investments, the opportunities are created and finalized.

We move forward with the consent and total satisfaction of the clients. Office space also fetches good returns and it is always our endeavor to get the best possible deals for our clients. The properties which are rented out to the multinationals are always safer to invest on and the terms and conditions of the lease should be in our favor, all this is determined by our executives to the best of their knowledge and ability.

To invest in the residential space is also preferred by a lot of our clients. Investing in the apartments means one could get returns on that property by way of rent and appreciation. The annual returns on the rented residential property are generally about 6% per year apart from the appreciation value.

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